Hike near Paradise Valley real estate.Many people considering a Paradise Valley real estate purchase are attracted by the amazing natural beauty. Those already living in Paradise Valley homes can take advantage of hiking in the stunning Piestewa Peak. The easiest access to Piestewa is through the Phoenix Mountains Recreation Area at 2701 East Squaw Peak Drive. This is one of the lesser known gems of the area, so access and parking is pretty easy. Enjoy hiking on trails that range from very easy to extremely challenging. The Dreamy Draw Nature Trail is smooth and wide, with only moderate changes in elevation. It’s a great one for small children to get used to hiking, as it’s less than a mile long.

From Easy to Challenging, There’s a Trail for Everyone from Paradise Valley Homes

For Paradise Valley real estate owners who love a challenge, try the Freedom Trail, which is 3.7 miles long and changes elevation from around 2,100 feet to around 1,400 feet. It connects with the most challenging trail in the park, the Summit Trail. This is an extremely strenuous trail, with a 1,200 foot gain in elevation, suitable for serious hikers.

No matter where you hike, you’ll see the striking peaks of the Phoenix Mountains, as well as breath-taking views of secluded valleys. There are lots of species of cactus, as well as delicate desert flowers. Birds and reptiles are plentiful. Be sure to watch out for rattlesnakes.

Visit Piestewa Peak to learn more about the trails and plan an excursion.